Why People Move to City|Looking for improvents for resturants in Phnom Penh

Looking for improvents for resturants in Phnom Penh

Why People Move to City


Reasons that people keep moving into the city


Rural regions and urban areas are completely opposite. While in the rural areas there are not many people and less transportations, the urban areas are full of people everywhere and the economic and business are all in the city. On the top of that, we can see that people keep moving into city because they expect to get a better opportunity for their life and they know clearly that city can change their life in a good way. Some reasons that people keep moving into the city:

Jobs opportunity:


the biggest things that push people moving out side the countryside into the city because in the city people are easy to find jobs and they could earn a lot of money from their jobs. For example, although you do not have high knowledge , you can still find jobs to be a waiter or waitress or even factory workers. When they stay in the countryside, nothing they could do beside farming, so that's why they decide to move into the city to make their life better and to support their family.

Pursue their studying:


Every year , the number of students moving into the city is so high because they need to go to universities after they finish their high schools. As we know in the city, there are a lot of famous universities and students can choose to study the majors that they like. Moreover, they could learn other foreign languages like English, Chinese or Japanese to improve their skills more. If they do not want to pursue their study, they could come to city to learn to some specific like mechanic or hairdresser.

Living conditions:


some people they decide to live in the city because they think that city is the best place that they can enjoy their life in many ways. As we know that there are a lot of restaurants in the city that people can go and enjoy the good quality of food. They can go to five stars restaurants or they could go to fancy restaurants as they need. More than that, in the city people can find a lot of entertainment that make their life so exciting. They could go to watch concert on the weekend or they could go to a bar to enjoy the music and dance with their friends. Furthermore, they could go to visit the parks and go shopping when they feel too stress with their work.

More opportunity:


People want to live in the city because they think that living in the city could provide them good opportunity especially they get promoted quickly if they work in the city and they could change their jobs to other companies. Moreover, they could run a business in city and the chance of success is so high. Plus, they have the opportunity to meet a lot of people who could influence their life to be better and they could make more friendships with others.