City Life And Your Health|Looking for improvents for resturants in Phnom Penh

Looking for improvents for resturants in Phnom Penh

City Life And Your Health


How living in a city affect people's health


Living in a city is a kind of modern life style since in the city has everything that people need. People are so comfortable of living in a city that is the main reason that the population in the city keep increasing every year. However, it is not all about those comfortable things since living in a city also has many problem including people's health that is a serious case nowadays. Here are some problems that people meet :

Traffic Jam:


Traffic jam is a common problem that occurs in every city around the world. The cause of traffic jam because of the increasing of number of people and transportations while the lane of the roads still be the same. Why does traffic jam affect people's health? If we look closer to the problem, we can see it very clearly that when people stuck in the traffic jam every day, they will be stress because they cannot move or they have to wait on their transportations for too long. They keep rushing all the time that make their mind become so frustrated and they cannot concentrate well on their work properly. If they continue to be stress over time , they will develop a mental problem that is a very serious case.



The most polluted place is the city that make people face many problem with their health. For example the smoke comes from the transportation is one kind of pollution that we can call air pollution. Transportations pollute the air and when people drive on the road they will affect from this kind of air pollution since they breath in and out and the air is not fresh at all. Air pollution also the main cause of Acid rain. Acid rain can harm people health in a very serious way that it can kill people.

Noise disturbing:


Noise pollution is a serious case that some people never pay attention to this problem. Actually , the noise that come from the transportations and the construction building really make people sick and affect their health in many ways. For example, if the noise too loud , it can destroy their hearing that they cannot hear very well and sometimes people cannot sleep because of the sound of transportation because in the city people are everywhere even at midnight. Moreover, people will have a heart problem when they hear the noise too loud.

The climate change:

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because of the pollution that occurs most in city lead to climate change. Climate change affects people in a way that the weather gets hotter and hotter and sometimes it keep raining in a wrong season that sometimes it is not a usual rain but an acid rain that is very serious to damage people's people. For example, when the weather is too hot and people who are living in the city go out, they will have skin cancer or they will get sick.