Looking for improvents for resturants in Phnom Penh

Things that restaurants in Phnom Penh should be improved


Things that restaurants in Phnom Penh should be improved


Good restaurants have two principle which is providing best service and serving great food to the customer and if restaurants have these two points the chance of success is high. In the past few years there were not many restaurants in Phnom Penh since the demand was still low; however, today a lot of good restaurants are opened and people have a lot of choice to go to any restaurants that they like. However, some restaurants in Phnom Penh are not standardize and they need more improvement. Here are few points that the owner of some restaurants should reconsider:

Provide more training to waiters and waitress:


Many restaurants in Phnom Penh that do not have skilled waiters and waitress. Waiters and waitress play an important in providing services to the customer so if they do not have skill, they will not provide good services at all. Some of them cannot even read so and they read what in the menu so how come they can explain the food to the customers. One more thing, the owners of the restaurants in Phnom Penh should invest more on training their workers more in order for them to know the basic how to serve the customers well. Moreover, the workers should know how to welcome the customers and how to solve the problems with the customers.

Paying by cards:


some restaurants in Phnom Penh do not accept ATM cards for paying bill because they think that it is not important and they ask customers to pay only in cash. However, if they want to attract more people to go to their restaurants, they should have all types of paying bill because people need different things. On the top of that, foreigners who come to visit in Cambodia when they go the restaurants in Phnom Penh usually they don't have bring a lot of money with them and they bring only ATM cards or Visa cards with them because they think that it is safe for them that way, so many restaurants in Phnom Penh should improve this point in order to make their restaurants standardize.

Improve quality of the food:


serving tasty food is very important point that make the restaurants in Phnom Penh become famous. However, providing tasty food is not enough for your restaurants to be on the top because you have to make sure that your food has a high quality before you serve your customers. High quality means vegetable that you use in your food are all fresh and meat has good quality. Moreover, you have to make sure that the chief are skillful.

Giving Feedback:


some restaurants in Phnom Penh have their own websites that their customer can go and giving feedback of what they think of the restaurants, the quality of the food and the services or they can rate the star base on their interest about that restaurants. However, many more restaurants in Phnom Penh do not have this kind of websites so it is difficult for the customers to give them feedback since customers cannot say directly to the waiters or waitress about the service they receive from them. Moreover if the restaurants do not have this kind of feedback , the restaurants will not know about the things that their customers do not like and what their customers need from them; there is no improvement at all.

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